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Surfing at Padang-Padang Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: head-high – 2x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 6-12ft
Swell direction: S – SW
Tides: High tide
Direction: Left
Best wind: S – SE
Surfing level: Advanced
Crowd factor: 10/10
Localism factor: 10/10
Fun factor: 10/10
Risk factor: 9/10
Must know: One of the best left hand barrels in the world.
Possibly the jewel of Bali, and one of the best left-handers in the world. When Padang-Padang awakes from its slumber, the best of the best descend to make the most of it perfect but dangerous double barrel.

A world-class white sand beach with small warungs selling Bintangs and coconuts, and framed by lime stone cliffs. Padang-Padang breaks on the left hand side of the channel when looking out to sea, under the cliff.

About Padang-Padang

When a large SW swell hits the Bukit, and has enough energy to wrap around past Uluwatu and into Padang-Padang, it is the pick of the Bukit for a lot of skilled surfers, travelling from far and wide to get a taste of what Padang-Padang has to offer.

The take off is reasonably approachable for such a heavy wave; as it breaks on a deeper part of the reef, and gives you time to set up for the first section.

This section will Barrel as it hits the reef, but will typically stay high and relatively tight, compared to the next section, so its important not to be travelling too fast off your take-off and finding yourself at the bottom, and missing this barrel all together. A take off from behind this section will pay off for the skilled surfer.

As you exit this barrel, the wave actually stops racing down the reef, before the dangerous, shallow second section. Typically surfers who know the wave well, will drop all the way to the bottom, completing a deep bottom turn to burn off any down the line speed, and set up under the lip for the up and coming barrel.

When the wave gets to the last piece of reef, it will bend towards you, and throw out a heavy thick lip that can be as wide as it is tall. Be sure to hold your line through this part, as falling off here will almost always end in hitting the reef. The wave opens up giving a lot of room, to show off some flare, and stand tall or hold your arms out wide while looking for the exit. If you make it you will be spat into the channel, where the waves energy will dissipate into the deep water leaving you clean and dry to get back on your board and paddle up the reef to do it again.

If you can get another one…

Best Conditions for Padang-Padang

The wave is a lot safer on the higher tides, but surfers will always be out there risking some skin on the low tide if a moderate swell is running.

A south swell will typically line it up better, and it breaks best from head-high to double over-head.

It is offshore in the SE trade winds, and because it is tucked up tight under the cliffs, it can cope with a strong offshore very well.

Getting in and out at Padang-Padang

To access Padang-Padang it’s an easy, dry hair paddle from the beach at Padang, out through the channel.

Coming in is the same in reverse, but an outgoing tide will make it a long paddle.

Getting to Padang-Padang

To get to Padang-Padang follow Jalan Labuhansait towards Uluwatu until you get to the famous Padang bridge. This will be your first glimpse of the ocean if travelling from Kuta.

Located at the bottom of the cliff under Blue Heaven, Access Padang-Padang by parking near the bridge and making your way down, through the temple, in between the large limestone rocks and down the makeshift stair well. Watch your head as you pass through.

Hazards to look out for at Padang-Padang

This wave can be very crowded, with very good surfers, magnifying the danger as every one hassles and pushes each other deeper on the reef. It is important to be patient, and aware of your ability, as this is a wave of consequence. Respect the locals, who have this wave dialled.

This is a serious wave, and you must be confident in your ability to paddle out. If you are unsure there are other waves in the area that are less dangerous.

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