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Surfing at Uluwatu – Racetracks Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: shoulder – 1.5x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 2 – 5 ft
Swell direction: S – SW
Tides: All tides – best on low
Direction: Left
Best wind: SE
Surfing level: Advanced
Crowd factor: 10/10
Localism factor: 9/10
Fun factor: 9/10
Risk factor: 9/10
Must know: The race track is very shallow! Take care.
Uluwatu is possibly Bali’s most well known wave. It is a dry season staple, as it’s a wave magnet and very rarely goes flat. It breaks through all the tides, and has many different personalities, with each section of the reef warranting its own name. Check out Temples, The Peak and Outside Corner.

It has grown a lot since its discovery in the ’70s, and what used to be a small fishing village, is now lined with places to eat, places to stay and even a few nightclubs! Its a great place to spend an entire day.

About Uluwatu – Racetracks

Racetrack really only exists on the lower tides and is a super fast, super hollow and super shallow drainer that offers up long perfect tubes.

The wave will start where the curve in the reef begins, and can peel for 100m + on a good lined up south swell. The wave will grow as it runs down the line at mach II and the swell stands up a little further out on the outside corner reef, causing it to stand up and bend back onto race track. Sometimes the outside corner reef will actually break, which can cause racetrack to shutdown half way down the point.

Racetrack gets shallower the further you go, and a fall on the inside section can result in some lost skin, so be careful.

You will be rewarded for pulling into the barrel here, and holding your line, as over 4 second barrels get made out here.

Best Conditions for Uluwatu – Racetracks

Racetrack breaks on the lower tides, from 2ft to 1.5 over-head, any larger than that and Outside Corner will typically be capping on the reef and effecting racetracks shape. It is offshore in the trade SE winds, and the way the wave bends significantly around the reef means it is clean in southerly winds too.

Getting in and out at Uluwatu – Racetracks

Access Racetrack, by following the path down the cliff to the stairwell, that makes its way down into the cave. From here, at low tide make your way out onto the reef and you will see Race Track breaking around the corner to your right. Get out my wading across the reef and timing your jump in between sets.

Coming back in on the lower tides is a matter of carefully straightening out and making your way in over the reef and walking back around the cliffs to the cave. Be aware of an incoming tide, as the current that surges past the cave will leave you stuck down the end, unable to paddle back up to the cave. In this case you will need to paddle all the way back up the point to the first take off at The Peak and straighten out south of the cave. If you miss the cave at high tide, you will need to repeat the process or drift down to Padang-Padang.

Getting to Uluwatu – Racetracks

To get to Uluwatu, follow Jalan Labuansait all the way to end, turn onto Jalan Mamo, and you will find a car park at the end. Follow your way down past Single fin, and through the warungs on the cliff, that will happily look after your belongings in exchange for some business.

Hazards to look out for at Uluwatu – Racetracks

Racetrack on low tides is best left to the advanced surfer as it can break on very shallow reef.

The crowds can be a real issue, adding to the danger. Be sure to bring your manners, as the patient locals who have hundreds of visitors surf their wave every day will let you have waves if you show respect.

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