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W - NW wind

High tide

2 - 10ft S-SW swell

Volcanic reef

Intermediate / Advanced

Surfing at Keramas Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: waist high – 2 x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 2 – 10ft
Swell direction: S – SW
Tides: High tide
Direction: Right
Best wind: W – NW
Surfing level: Intermediate / Advanced
Crowd factor: 10/10
Localism factor: 8/10
Fun factor: 10/10
Risk factor: 6/10
Must know: One of the most high performance waves in the world.
One of Bali’s most famous and crowded waves, and for good reason. Keramas is one of the most high performance waves in the world.

This part of Bali is a little quieter than Kuta, Seminyak and even Sanur. There is more space out here and a much more rural feel.

About Keramas

Breaking in front of Komune resort, Keramas offers one of the most high performance waves on the planet. Requiring a high tide to show its best form, with lower tides exposing the sharp volcanic rock reef that’s every bit as dangerous as the coral at neighbouring spots, and not focusing the swells correctly. As the tide comes in its not uncommon to watch an average looking 2ft reef break turn into pumping 4-5ft barrels.

The wave typically has 2 take off zones, one really deep up the point and ones that swings wide onto the outside part of the reef for anyone who is patient enough to sit out there. The deeper waves offer a fast, heavy take off straight into a barrel that will bend towards you and stay open and round until exit, then it will offer high performance walls great for aerials, off the tops and basically anything you want all the way to the channel.

The wider ones, typically can offer an easier entry into the wave, but are no less quality, with options for barrels on the take off, and still has a rippable wall but doesn’t track as fast as the deep ones.

There is also a bunch of heavy barrelling peaks just to the south called carparks, breaking in front of the old car park, which now has a dolphin show pool and hotel. This can offer spontaneous, beach break style barrels breaking over coral reef. Peaks can come from any-where, and the clued on local crowd will typically be on all the good ones. Carparks prefers the mid-high tide also.

Best Conditions for Keramas

Keremas breaks from waist high to double over head, all swell directions and is offshore in N – W winds. It needs a high tide to break properly.

Getting in and out at Keramas

Access to keremas is relatively easy on the north side of the creek in the well-defined channel, or for the more experienced there is a small ill-defined channel to the south just behind the main peak.

Coming in it is best to make your way back in through the channel where the rivers spills out.

To access carparks, it’s a paddle straight out through the shore break between the sets.

Getting to Keramas

Get to Keramas by following Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai out of Sanur travelling north and make a right turn on to Jalan Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra at the round about with the large statue of all the monkeys. Follow this for about 15 minutes where you travel past the turn off and you will need to do a u-turn to come back to the Komune turnoff. Komune resort is well sign posted so it is easiest to follow these signs.

Once there there is paid parking at the end of the road.

Hazards to look out for at Keramas

Be aware of out going tides, and the shallow reef. Be sure to bring your manners here as it can get crowded with hot locals and tourists alike, if it is out of your ability perhaps try some of the less crowded options in the area.

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