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Pererenan Rivermouth

Echo Beach Rights

N - NE wind

High tide

1 - 5ft S - SW swell

Volcanic reef

Intermediate / Advanced

N - NE wind

High tide

1 - 5ft S - SW swell

Volcanic reef

Intermediate / Advanced

Surfing at Pererenan Rivermouth Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: Waist high – 1.5x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 1 – 5ft
Swell direction: S – SW
Tides: High tide
Direction: Left & right – Mainly a right
Best wind: N – E
Surfing level: Intermediate / Advanced
Crowd factor: 10/10
Localism factor: 6/10
Fun factor: 9/10
Risk factor: 5/10
Must know: Only surfable on high tides.
Echo Beach and the Canggu region are the centre of surfing on the western coast with a range of breaks and open to more south swell than the beaches found further south. With plenty of places to stay, and even more great places to eat, it draws in the crowds of tourist and expats alike year round. Echo beach hosts a hot spot of quality waves, including Pererenan River-mouth, Echo Beach and Echo Reef.

About Pererenan Rivermouth

Pererenan River-mouth is one of the better waves in the Canggu area, offering up a barrelling right-hander and performance walls. High tide offers the best shape, as the water fills in over the volcanic rock shelf, with low tide being too shallow and offering a less quality wave.

The right-hander will break at 1ft and hold up to about 1.5over head or a little bigger in perfect conditions, but any bigger it tends to break wide of the reef and close out. As the swell approaches the reef, it stands up on a piece of rock that sits a bit wider than the take-off zone, but typically wont break and the peak will shift back onto the main reef, so be sure not to paddle too wide for the sets.

From here it will often barrel on take off, or offer a high performance wall that can peel for over 80m to the shore-break.

There is a left-hander off the peak also that can offer fun, rippable walls in certain conditions.

Best Conditions for Pererenan Rivermouth

Pererenan River-mouth is offshore in easterly winds through to the north, but prefers the light winds in the early mornings as the dry season trade winds are cross onshore from the south and the wet season trade winds are cross onshore from the North.

It will break from shoulder high to 1.5 times over head, and prefers mid to high tide to cover the reef.

Getting in and out at Pererenan Rivermouth

Access to Pererenan River-mouth is by paddling out through the shore break and into the channel just south of the river. One a higher tide you can ride over the reef to come in, but the lower tides it is best to make your way back to the sand bottom shore break to avoid the sharp volcanic reef.

Getting to Pererenan Rivermouth

Get to Echo Beach and Pererenan River-mouth by following Jalan Batu Mejan all the way to the end. You will pass through a ticket booth, with an Rp2000 entry fee per person; find a park anywhere along the road or in the car park at the end. Be sure to hold on to your ticket, as it will give you entry all day. You will see Pererenan River-mouth at the north most part of the black sand beach.

Hazards to look out for at Pererenan Rivermouth

Beware of crazy crowds here, as it’s not uncommon to have 40 people on the peak at 6am when its 2ft. There are a few other reefs that are visible from here, that are not as quality but are a good way to get away from the skilled, wave hungry crowd.

Low tides here can expose the sharp jagged reef, so best to stick to higher tides if you are not confident.

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