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Way Jambu

The Sumatran Pipeline

SE - E Wind

High tide

2 - 8ft S-SW swell



SE - E Wind

High tide

2 - 8ft S-SW swell



Surfing at Way Jambu Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: head-high – 2x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 2 – 8ft
Swell direction: S – SW
Tides: High tide
Direction: Left
Best wind: SE – E
Surfing level: Advanced
Crowd factor: 4/10
Localism factor: 1/10
Fun factor: 7/10
Risk factor: 9/10
Must know: Also known as the Sumatran Pipeline.
Way Jambu, also known as The Sumatran Pipeline is found a short drive south of Tanjung setia, the village that hosts Ujung Bocor and Volcanoes, in the name sake village of Pekon Way jambu.

About Way Jambu

Way Jambu has a reputation for the heaviest wave in the region, and it doesn’t disappoint. Positioned out on the end of the peninsular it has little refraction before the Indian Ocean swell hit the reef. The wave will stand up and break way out on the outer reef, people have surfed up there in the past but the real action is the last reef right in front of the field in which you park. Long, wide open barrels happen here regularly and picking your line and keeping it is the best tactic, as you will be punished for straightening out in front of the lip.

You can expect thick, heavy barrels from the take off that will turn and spit down the line perfectly, or if you are unlucky will shut down across the reef.

It is best surfed with a higher tide so there is enough water to cover the coral reef.
Be sure to pull out before the end section as the end section can go completely dry, as it sticks up above sea level and the lagoon flows out straight over top of the shelf.

Best Conditions for Way Jambu

Way Jambu breaks from head high to 2x overhead, on S – SW swells although it seems to line up better with a S swell. Better form and more makable waves are usually found on the higher tides, and it is off shore in the dry season SE trade winds making it a very consistent spot.

Getting in and out at Way Jambu

On higher tides you can make your way out over the reef in between sets, but it is best to paddle around the reef to the line up.

Getting in is the same but in reverse, on the higher tides you can make your way in over top of the reef but on the lower tides it is best to paddle around the reef and come in on the sandy shore break.

Getting to Way Jambu

The turn off to Way Jambu can be a little tricky to spot. Head south on the main road from Tanjung Setia, through the small village of Biha and accross the bridge. Follow the road south for around 5 minutes and on the right you will see a small dirt road with a small white sign saying Pekon Way Jambu. Turn right down this road and follow it to the end, turn left into the village and you will see a sign on a surfboard pointing down between a few houses. Follow this to the beach and park any where on the grass in front of the break.
Be sure to pay for parking here, as the local who owns the land will look after you vehicle.

Hazards to look out for at Way Jambu

Beware of the shallow and sharp reef if surfing here at low tide, especially the end section!!

Thick heavy lips break boards here!

This wave can get really big, and it often looks smaller than it actually is, so be sure you check the conditions before paddling out and surf within your ability.

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