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Ujung Bocor

Krui's main wave

SE - E wind

All tides

1 - 8ft SW-W swell


Intermediate / Advanced

SE - E wind

All tides

1 - 8ft SW-W swell


Intermediate / Advanced

Surfing at Ujung Bocor Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: Waist-high – 3x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 1 – 8ft
Swell direction: SW – W
Tides: All tides
Direction: Left
Best wind: SE – E
Surfing level: Intermediate / Advanced
Crowd factor: 7/10
Localism factor: 5/10
Fun factor: 9/10
Risk factor: 5/10
Must know: Possibly the most consistent wave in Krui.
Tanjung Setia, the small fishing village thats hosts Ujung Bocur and Volcanoes, is a hub for surfing in the region offering some of the most consistent waves during the dry season. Hotels and home stays line the north side of the headland so you have plenty of options for accommodation.

Be sure to check out Lani’s Restaurant for the best burgers in town!

About Ujung Bocor

Ujung Bocur, also known as Karang Nyimbor is one of the most consistent waves in the South Sumatra region. It is a beautiful left hander that can run perfectly for over 400m when the conditions are good. It is a bit more approachable than other lefts in Indonesia with fun down the line, rippable walls with the odd barrel on the higher tides and lined up racetracks on the low tides.

When a west swell is running and its on you can take off as deep as you want around the back off the reef where the best chances to get barreled are, and make it our of one of these you will be greeted with a performance wall that will make goofy footers drool. After this it gets to another barrel section half way down the point, than another performance section all the way to the channel.
More often than not, Ujung Bocur has long playful walls that intermediates will love and experts will rip. It can split up into sections with south swell causing sets to go wide of the reef making it possible to take off on a wave any where up the reef, so keep your eyes open on the paddle back to the top of the point.

Best Conditions for Ujung Bocor

Ujung Bocur breaks from shoulder high to as big as it gets, but it can get pretty out of control on the bigger swells especially when the swell is really south and causes it to bomb out in the middle of the bay and a right hander peels back towards then point. It is surfable on all tides but low tide can get shallow so be selective on which ones you go on. It prefers swell from the west but it can be surfed in swells from all directions. it is offshore in the dry season SE trade winds so makes it a go to ave during this season, offering up quality waves almost every day.

Getting in and out at Ujung Bocor

There is a channel at the end of the wave that you can paddle out, this is the easiest option but it is a very long paddle to the take off zone. For the more experienced surfer you can make your way around the reef up to the end of the point, where the reef drops off abruptly. From here you can make your way over the reef and time your jump between the sets, but you can get caught on the reef this way so if you are not confident it is best to paddle out the channel.

Coming in, on higher tides it is easy to straighten out anywhere along the reef and ride over the reef, but on lower tides it is best to surf your way to the end of the wave and make your way in through the channel. Be sure to check out the channel before you paddle out so you can find your way back to it when coming in. If you miss it the current spilling out will push you in front of the reef to the north, where the set can unload onto the shallow reef. If you miss it, it is best to go with the current and make your way down into the bay or paddle back out and try again.

Getting to Ujung Bocor

Being the main wave of the region you will not find this wave hard to find. Most accommodation along the point looks at a section of the reef

Hazards to look out for at Ujung Bocor

Beware of the shallow and sharp reef if surfing here at low tide. The main hazard here is getting caught in front of the cheese grater on the other side of the channel when coming in so be sure to get a line up for the channel before going out.

This wave can get really big, so be sure you check the conditions before paddling out and surf within your ability.

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