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Surfing at Mandiri Beach Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: waist high – 2 x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 1 – 3ft
Swell direction: S – SW
Tides: All tides
Direction: Left & right
Best wind: NE
Surfing level: Intermediate / Advanced
Crowd factor: 5/10
Localism factor: 1/10
Fun factor: 9/10
Risk factor: 4/10
Must know: There is a reef bombie offshore that breaks up the swells.
Mandiri beach is a long beach stretching all the way from Tanjung Setia, the headland that hosts Ujung Bocur and Volcanoes, to Krui headland. There are waves all along this stretch so explore the banks and you might just score a wave to yourself!

About Mandiri Beach

Mandiri beach is possibly the best beach break in Indonesia. There is a piece of reef that breaks a kilometre out to sea that breaks up the swells as the approach the black sand beach, causing them to form themselves into triangular peaks that detonate randomly across the beach. You can be up for the beach break barrel of your life or the beating of your life, as when this beach break is on it can give up thick barrels and long hold downs that can pin you to the sand!

This wave is a swell magnet and very rarely goes below head high, and always packs a punch. When it is smaller it can have super fun playful peaks that suit all levels, but best left to intermediates and above when it gets bigger. Its best to pick the ones that bend towards you and aim to backdoor the peak straight from take off.

You can find peaks anywhere along the long beach here, so go exploring and good luck!

Best Conditions for Mandiri Beach

Mandiri beach breaks when the rest of Indonesia is flat, too much swell and this beach break can get out of control and is best left to the hell-men! Waves of head high to 1.5x over head will see the best waves. It can break well on all tides and all swell directions, depending on the banks. It is offshore in NE winds so it is best to be here first thing in the morning during both seasons, as the cool night air from the mountains creates an offshore here.

Getting in and out at Mandiri Beach

A standard paddle out through the sets is the only way out here, look for a rip to help out if it is big, there will be plenty of them…

Getting to Mandiri Beach

Mandiri beach is located in between Tanjung Setia, the headland that hosts Ujung Bocor and volcanoes, and Krui. Take Jalan Bengkunat-Krui between the two until the road meets the sea, this is the best place to check the conditions and make your way up and down the beach from here. There is ample parking in the many field that line this beach.

Hazards to look out for at Mandiri Beach

When Mandiri beach is working it breaks boards, so beware of falling lips!

The paddle out can be a bit of a gamble with the random peaks breaking all over, and coping one on the head is not so much fun.

Petty theft is common here so lock up your belongings, or leave it in the hotel.

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Krui left is perfect little left hand reef that is super fun. It doesn’t really get big, but is a great barrel when it does.

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