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Intermediate / Advanced

Surfing at Krui right Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: head-high – 1.5x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 3 – 6 ft
Swell direction: SW
Tides: Mid tide
Direction: Right
Best wind: SE – E
Surfing level: Intermediate / Advanced
Crowd factor: 5/10
Localism factor: 4/10
Fun factor: 7/10
Risk factor: 5/10
Must know: Be aware of the pollution from the river after rains.
Krui is the main town in the area, and the best place to get supplies, cash, and other souvenirs. The market in the center of town is a must see, and the Martabak Coklat is a great after surf sweet treat. In front of Krui right and Krui left you can get ice cold coconuts at the local warungs that line the beach, although Bintangs are uncommon in the area.

About Krui right

Krui right is fun right hander that is accessible to most levels. It needs moderate to large SW or W swells, and even larger S swells to get into the bay and light up this wave.

The wave has 2 peaks, one on the end of the reef that breaks into the sandy beach, and one further up on the reef that peaks and barrels across the reef but typically will shut down.

The deeper peak offers the best barrels where they can jack up and throw straight from take off and you will need to be quick to your feet to get underneath the lip and set your line. From here its all about holding your line and hoping it doesn’t shut down!

The wider peak is an easier take-off and doesn’t barrel as hard as the deeper peak, where it is best for turns to the beach. This wave isn’t as crowded as its left handed neighbour, but it definitely isn’t as perfect also.

Best Conditions for Krui right

Krui right breaks from 1 ft where it accessible to most surfers to 1.5 over head. It is very rare for the waves in the bay to get much bigger than this, and only the biggest of west swells will max it out.

Mid tide is best as the higher tide has a bit of backwash from the break wall and the low tide it tends to lose some of its form.
It is offshore in the dry season SE trade winds making this the best season to surf here.

Getting in and out at Krui right

Its an easy paddle around the reef from the beach here to make your way out to either of the peaks. Coming in you can just straighten out over the reef on the higher tides, just look for urchins when putting your feet down!

Getting to Krui right

Krui right is found in town and is pretty easy to find, if you get lost just ask for the beach or “pantai”. Once at the beach you will enter a large walled area, with a large building which is the town hall. head as far north inside here and you will find the right hander in front of all the local warungs. You can park any where along here, but be sure to support a local business by buying a coconut or a drink in exchange for parking your scooter.

Hazards to look out for at Krui right

At low tide this reef is infested with urchins, so be careful where you place your feet coming in over the reef.

this spot is best avoided when the river bank is broken as the water from the river is of very questionable quality and caries most of the locals rubbish into the ocean, both inorganic and organic matter….

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Krui Left

Krui left is perfect little left hand reef that is super fun. It doesn’t really get big, but is a great barrel when it does.

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