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Surfing at Krui Left Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: Waist high – 1.5x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 3 – 10ft
Swell direction: SW – W
Tides: Mid – high tide
Direction: Left
Best wind: SE – E
Surfing level: All levels
Crowd factor: 6/10
Localism factor: 6/10
Fun factor: 8/10
Risk factor: 4/10
Must know: You can get cold coconuts on the beach here!
Krui is the main town in the area, and the best place to get supplies, cash, and other souvenirs. The market in the center of town is a must see, and the Martabak Coklat is a great after surf sweet treat. In front of Krui right and Krui left you can get ice cold coconuts at the local warungs that line the beach, although Bintangs are uncommon in the area.

About Krui Left

Krui left is a super fun, approachable left hander for all levels. Sometimes compared to Bingin in Bali, although it rarely shows the same form. When this wave is small, from waist to a little over head it is a fun, lip bashing little skate park where experts will love the rampy little walls, and beginners will love the predictability of this perfect little set-up. The wave typically has 2 peaks, one at the peak of the reef and some that swing wide.

The first peak at the top can offer a barrel on take off, especially when a long period west swell is finding its way into the bay, and than wall up for 80m into the channel where you can practise your off the tops and in the pocket carves. When up to head high this wave is fun, but when it gets bigger, it can become a serious ledging barrel that will spit and churn into the channel.

The wider peak is a great peak for the developing surfer to hone their skills on the reef. A mellow take off lets you in easily which then peels slowly and lazily down the reef, great for cutbacks and off the tops, or just general cruising into the channel.

Best Conditions for Krui Left

Krui Left breaks from 1 ft to 1.5 over head, and rarely gets any bigger than this, need the largest of west swells to make it into the bay. West swells line it up the best but it will break in anything from S – W. Mid to high tide offers the best form and low tides can make the reef shallow, and affects the waves shape.
It is offshore in the SE dry season trade winds and is a staple wave for beginner and intermediate surfers during this season.

Getting in and out at Krui Left

Its an easy paddle around the reef from the beach here to make your way out to the peak. Coming in you can just straighten out over the reef on the higher tides, or on a lower tide paddle your way back in through the channel.

Getting to Krui Left

Krui Left is found in town and is pretty easy to find, if you get lost just ask for the beach or “pantai”. The wave breaks on the western most part of the white sandy beach, it is easy to spot. Park any where in front of the wave.

Hazards to look out for at Krui Left

Krui left is a very approachable wave for all abilities, and the hazards are low. As per usual be aware of the coral reef, as it can get shallow on lower tides and is sharp. This wave can get heavy during big swells and care should be taken when it get larger.
Petty theft does happen here so lock up your belongings, or leave then at the hotel.

Weekends can get busy with a friendly local surfing crew.

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Krui Left

Krui left is perfect little left hand reef that is super fun. It doesn’t really get big, but is a great barrel when it does.

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