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SE - E Wind

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SE - E Wind

mid - high tide

3 - 10ft S - SW swell


All levels

Surfing at Volcanoes Overview

Quick Info

Wave size: Waist high – 1.5x overhead
Swell size (ocean): 3 – 10ft
Swell direction: S – SW
Tides: Mid – high tide
Direction: Right
Best wind: SE – E
Surfing level: All levels
Crowd factor: 5/10
Localism factor: 2/10
Fun factor: 6/10
Risk factor: 5/10
Must know: Constant paddling is needed to stay on the peak.
Tanjung Setia, the small fishing village thats hosts Ujung Bocor and Volcanoes, is a hub for surfing in the region offering some of the most consistent waves during the dry season. Hotels and home stays line the north side of the headland so you have plenty of options for accomodation.

Be sure to check out Lani’s Restaurant for the best burgers in town!

About Volcanoes

Volcanoes is found on the inside of the bay, and needs a fair bit of swell to get going. A right hand reef break that can get good but is typically a spot to go when Ujung Bocor is too big for your skill level.

The take off is typically pretty mellow and it walls up and peels for around 60m as it slowly makes its way into the channel. The reef here is relatively deep. When it gets a bit bigger it can offer up a barrel on take off, but only on the biggest of west swells.

there is often a current here that will pull you up the reef, making it difficult to stay in the take off zone.

Best Conditions for Volcanoes

Volcanoes breaks from shoulder high to 1.5x over head, but will very rarely get any bigger than this as only the largest of swells will get around the headland. Its prefers mid to high tide to get the best form, with swells from the SW or W. It is offshore in the dry season Se tradewinds.

Getting in and out at Volcanoes

You can paddle across the bay from all the accomodation to get here, its a little bit of a long paddle but it is easy. if paddling out from in front just make you way across the reef into the bay and paddle around the reef. Lower tides can make it difficult to get back in at the end of the wave as the water in the lagoon spills out one small gut, if this is too difficult make your way back towards the head land where the swell is smaller and it will be much easier to negotiate your way up onto the reef.

Getting to Volcanoes

Volcanoes is easy to find, and you can see it when you turn off the main road at Tanjung Setia to make your way out to accomodation or Ujung Bocor.

Hazards to look out for at Volcanoes

This peak is pretty approachable to all levels and the only real hazard is the reef, and the current until it gets big. Check the conditions and surf within your ability.

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Krui left is perfect little left hand reef that is super fun. It doesn’t really get big, but is a great barrel when it does.

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