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Wet Season Surf in Indonesia

The wet season in Indonesia typically runs from October to March, but can change from year to year and the shoulder months can have weather patterns that offer light winds and variable conditions. The wet season bring the north west monsoon winds, and brings a lot of rain, although it can rain for days on end it typically rains every afternoon and only some days. The wet season typically has smaller shorter period swells as the Southern Hemispheres summer has less storm activity between South Africa and Australia.

The wet season can make it hard to access some areas by land, such as G-land and a lot of Sumba, and boat access is the only option.

Regions that have good wind conditions in the wet season include Aceh, Central Java, East Bali, Some of Sumba and part of Rote. But with the inconsistent swell patterns some off this places are a little hit and miss as they need larger swells to really turn on.

In Bali the east coast is the main event during this time of year. With waves from Nusa Dua to Keramas find great condition in the north west winds. Nusa Dua is a sure bet as it is a swell magnet and rarely goes flat even in the smallest of swells.

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